Tilbury Port

Tilbury Port is located on River Thames’ north shore and it sits 25 miles away from London Bridge. It’s situated exactly at the river’s loop, near the lower reaches. On the opposite bank, you can see Gravesend, an entry port for shipping and for unloading and loading passengers and cargo. A third port is situated at Northfleet. Because of the intense maritime activity, the Tilbury Port was expanded with modern deep water docks.

The former docks of London were constructed in the 19th century, by the West and East India Docks Company. However, because of the increasing ship size and the construction of the railways, that location became quite unimportant. For this reason, the Act of Parliament allowed the construction of the Tilbury docks in 1882. The docks were finished in 1886, when the first vessel entered the port. It was called Glenfruin and it was prepared especially for the opening ceremony to carry the official party. The steamship era was inaugurated with the opening of the Tilbury dock.

A Taxi Transfer from London City will take approximately 30 minutes.

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