Portsmouth International Port

There are various islands in the Portsmouth Harbour. One of the best known is the Whale Island that accommodates the training establishment known as HMS Excellent. This is Royal Navy’s oldest shore training establishment and it is home to Navy Command Headquarters. Because of land reclamation, the Horsea Island is linked with the mainland. At the same time, it’s incorporated in the HMS Excellent establishment. It features numerous conserved areas that accommodate calcicole fauna and flora. The southern part of the island features no less than 30 species of trees, including exotic species. A football stadium with 36,000 seats for Portsmouth F. C. was supposed to be constructed on Horsea Island, but the logistical problems cancelled this plan.

Another small, but picturesque island is Pewit Island. There is a connection with the mainland through a shingle causeway. The island is filled with blackthorn scrub and oak. Furthermore, it represents an Isle of Wight and Hampshire Naturalists’ Trust nature reserve. Near the harbour entrance, you can see the Burrow Island or the Rat Island. This is a tidal island that used to be home to a Middle Ages fortification. A Taxi Transfer from London City Airport to Portsmouth Harbour will take approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes.

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