Harwich International Port

Located in England, in the Essex area, it represents one of the Haven ports. Harwich International Port is mostly renown for its professional cruise services. That is why it holds the number two spot in the busiest cruise terminals top in the United Kingdom, being closely followed by Port of Dover and situated below the Port of Southampton. Some of the reasons why Harwich International Port is so appreciated by worldwide travellers is the amazing passenger facilities, including the great luggage services.

Its northern location makes it perfect for Baltic and Scandinavian cruises. Moreover, it also provides destinations from Europe and United Kingdom. Another important thing is that Harwich International Port is relatively close to all four major airports in the UK, especially Stansted. Besides this easy access, passengers can also use the nearby rail transport. This way, Harwich International Port wins points for its proximity to all the major means of transport.

A Taxi Transfer from Central London to Harwich International Port is going to take about 2 hours and 45 minutes, including traffic.

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